Ryan Specialty Europe Post-Brexit European Operating Model 

Ryan Specialty Europe Post-Brexit European Operating Model

Ryan Specialty, LLC is a leading international specialty insurance organization which offers wholesale brokerage services, delegated underwriting expertise in the form of binding authorities, programs and highly specialized managing general underwriting companies, and other services designed specifically for brokers, agents and insurers. Ryan Specialty ’s mission is to be the most trusted trading partner of insurance brokers, agents and insurance carriers. Ryan Specialty was founded in 2010 by Patrick G. Ryan, the founder and former Chairman and CEO of Aon Corporation, and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. 

Ryan Specialty Group in Europe (UK and EEA)
The European regulated companies and branches are:

Country  Regulated entities / branches  Trading names 
UK  RSG Underwriting Managers Europe Limited Lloyd’s coverholder “RSGUMEL”  StartPoint Executive Risks
EmergIn Risk
Ryan Specialty Transactional Risks International
RSG Life Science Risk International
RSG PERse International 
UK  RSG Europe Service Centre Limited
Lloyd’s broker
“RSG Service Centre UK” 
UK  Ryan Specialty Group Sweden AB, UK branch 
Sweden  Ryan Specialty Group Sweden AB
(Lloyd’s coverholder)
“RSG Sweden” 
RSG Sweden
StartPoint Executive Risks EEA
EmergIn Risk EEA
Life Science Risk EEA 
Sweden  RSG Construction & Specialty AB
Lloyd’s coverholder 
RSG Europe Service Centre Limited, Swedish branch
(Lloyd’s broker)
“RSG Service Centre Sweden” 
Denmark  Ryan Specialty Group Denmark A/S
Lloyd’s coverholder 
RSG Denmark
Spain  Ryan Specialty Group Sweden AB, Spanish Branch
Lloyd’s approved branch 
RSG Transactional Risks EEA 

EEA Underwriting 

RSG Sweden is coverholder for EmergIn Risk and Startpoint – EEA risks
RSG Sweden was incorporated in 2007 and writes D&O and PI risks. It employs 11 employees.
RSG Sweden is added as coverholder with delegated authority to the Lloyd’s Brussels EEA binders of EmergIn Risk, and StartPoint Executive Risks.
RSG Sweden has passported to all EEA countries 

RSG Sweden, Branch in Spain is coverholder for RSG Transactional Risks – EEA risks
RSG Sweden established a branch in Spain in 2020 that will underwrite RSG Transactional Risks EEA risks. RSG Sweden, Spanish Branch is added as additional coverholder to the Lloyd’s EEA binder of RSG Transactional Risks. 

RSG Sweden, Branch in UK – Underwriting support
RSG Sweden’s UK branch will provide underwriting support for EEA risks written by RSG Sweden and the Spanish Branch, with support of the underwriters that are seconded by RSGUMEL to RSG Sweden’s UK branch. This ensures that the quality and depth of underwriting remains unchanged.
Underwriting decisions are made by RSG Sweden or the Spanish branch. 

RSG Sweden already writes D&O and PI risks. It also already works closely together with EmergIn, RSGUMEL’s cyber team, on Swedish cyber risks. 

Non-EEA Underwriting 

RSG Underwriting Managers Europe Limited continues as underwriter on all non-EEA risks.
RSG Denmark and RSG Sweden will cooperate with RSGUMEL on policies that cover EEA and non-EEA risks. 

Premium and Claims Processing Service Centre 

Non EEA 
RSG Service Centre UK has Lloyd’s broker RSG1350 This broker provides premium and claims processing exclusively for MGA’s belonging to Ryan Specialty Group. This broker is not involved in any distribution activity. 

RSG Service Centre UK has established a branch in Sweden. Lloyd’s broker code RSG1800. 

Further information 

Carin Verhagen, Director and General Counsel RSG Europe
Phone +44 (0)208 068 2381
Email carin.verhagen@ryansg.com 

15 Sep 2020 

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